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Discover Why Darjeeling Black Tea is Appreciated Worldwide.

by Okyati Tea 11 May 2023
Discover Why Darjeeling Black Tea is Appreciated Worldwide.

If you are an honest tea lover, then your obsession with Darjeeling Black Tea can never go wrong. Darjeeling Black tea is cultivated in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India. There is a wide range of Indian tea available in the market. What makes Darjeeling black tea so famous is its exceptional muscatel aroma and fineness. Renowned for its floral and fruity essence, black tea is definitely worth every penny.

Factors Behind the Popularity of Black Tea

Darjeeling Black Tea is exceptionally great because it holds a long shelf life. There are many variants of black tea available which generally offer unique offerings like the smoky taste, earthy and malty taste. One of the great factors of black tea is that it is more oxidised. When leaves are more oxidised, there is a long time span of freshness and vigour in them. This makes the transportation of black tea very effective since it does not lose its taste, aroma and hue easily.

Darjeeling Black Tea is an emotion. From tea connoisseurs to tea novices appreciate the heavenly taste of Darjeeling Black Tea. With fine fragrance and sweet zest, it is perfect for an afternoon or evening tea time. Darjeeling Black tea is known for its exquisite floral characteristics which are mild in taste. It can be easily enjoyed without milk and sugar because of its magnificent aroma.

How to make your favourite Darjeeling Black Tea?

Darjeeling Black Tea is by far the easiest tea to prepare. You require to boil water in a kettle until it reaches a rolling boil point. Place the leaves in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes and let it steep mildly. Then strain it on your favourite cup and you are ready to feel the splash of your desired tea.  

Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea

The amount of richness, antioxidants and natural properties present in Darjeeling Black Tea will undoubtedly help you lead a good and healthy life. Darjeeling Black Tea has fine medicinal properties that help to decrease blood sugar levels, enhance gut health, and boost metabolism. With so many properties, black tea is undoubtedly one of the most demanding teas as it helps in improving health issues and promises a better lifestyle.

Why Okayti?

We are here to offer you the finest single-estate organic Darjeeling Black Tea. Carefully handpicked from the finest garden. We make sure that the products served to you are organic. We ensure quality, value customer feedback and encourage a healthy lifestyle with our finest offerings.

Do not wait further. Visit our store or order online to get your favourite Darjeeling Black Tea at the best price.

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