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Okayti Tea Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

All of our teas come from Okayti, a 100% organic and single estate tea garden perched in the beautiful hills of Mirik, Darjeeling. We dispatch from our garden making sure that our customers get the best Darjeeling Single Estate Organic teas.

We are the producer of the leaves which are processed in the factory within the premises of Okatyi tea estate and we indulge in purely organic practices in our estate. From manure to pesticides, everything is organically processed from natural elements such as neem leaves, flowers, etc. Most significantly, Okayti is perched in a location that receives the right amount of sunlight and rain, these factors contribute to making our tea exceptionally distinct and inarguably the best Darjeeling single estate tea.

Firstly, we try to dispatch teas as soon as they are ready. Secondly, we store our teas in food-grade foil packaging within a moisture-free environment, tightly tucked in airtight containers and away from heat.

If kept in an ideal condition, our teas can last for 2 years and more. All it needs to be is away from heat, strong aromas and in an airtight container.

Teas are delicate and it loses their essential characters in a longer travel time. We are the producers, manufacturer, and distributors of our teas, there are no middlemen involved which makes it possible to dispatch fresh teas directly from the garden to our customers. In other words, ours are the freshest of teas you will ever get to taste.

If kept in an ideal condition, our teas can last for 2 years and more. All it needs to be is away from heat, strong aromas and in an airtight container.

We make the best Darjeeling single estate organic teas that include orthodox style black teas, green teas, white teas, white peony, bai-mu-dan, yellow tea and perfectly aged oolong teas.

Safe keeping is very important when it comes to tea. The hygroscopic character of teas makes them vulnerable to moisture. It is always suggested to keep the teas in an airtight container away from heat and any strong aromas.
Tea has been consumed for centuries and the earliest known texts on tea elaborately talk about the health benefits that this beverage entails. Based on recent studies on the nutritional aspects, tea is said to be the richest source of antioxidants and polyphenols specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), catechins, theaflavins, tannins, and flavonoids that are known to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic health benefits. Besides, a warm cup of tea instantly calms the senses while also taking care of common infections such as cold, flu and regular muscle cramps.
The scientific name of the tea plant is Camellia Sinensis, and there are more than 300 varieties of the plant out of which only two are used for cultivation, the China plant and Assam Plant. Darjeeling single estate organic teas are made exclusively from the China variety and clonal plants. 85% of our plantation consists of China variety while 6% is young clonal and 9% is Assam hybrid.

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