Treasure Gold Book Box

This remarkable book box features magnificent single-estate organic Darjeeling Black Tea that provides an essence of freshness and perfection. The masterfully designed and top-notch finish of the book box makes it a memorable gift for any occasion.
₹ 2,400.00
₹ 3,000.00
₹ 2,400.00
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Tasting Notes
Well twisted and leggy with golden colour tips.
Bright & sweet nose
Golden colour cup and very sweet taste of fruit and a honey note.
Steeping Notes
  • 150-180 ml

  • 1 tsp / 2.5 g

  • 95°C - 100°C

  • 4-5 min

  • Medium

  • 1

  • Hot


Cupcake, butter toast, cookies, light pastries, smoked chicken, fruit cakes, dry fruits

  • condiment

    You can Drink Plain

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Honey

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Sugar

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Lemon