Seasonal Trove

It is a gleeful assortment of teas that can make the best and perfect Christmas and New Year gift. This exclusive tea gift box contains the most splendid collection of teas coming straight from the foothills of the raw eastern Himalayas. It contains the top seasonal flushes of Darjeeling, an...
₹ 3,300.00
₹ 3,300.00
₹ 3,300.00
Box Contains

Chiyabari Splendor - 100 Gm / Net Weight The first harvest of the season makes the most adored and mouthful cup that brims with mellow charismatic floral notes with a refreshingly sweet undertone. The dry leaves appear in a soothing greenish hue with an ample amount of beautifully rolled two leaves and a bud that takes the palate on a wonderful journey through fresh spring.
Rangdoo Marvel - 100 Gm / Net Weight It is a vibrant and premium second flush cup with rare muscatel notes. Rangdoo Marvel is a masterful amalgamation of muscatel black and golden tips. It steeps a clear bright orange cup that feels robust with irresistible clonal notes accompanied by musky hints.
1888 Secret Of DARJEELING - 100 Gm / Net Weight Crafted by the experts and made from the finest clonal leaves, this blend has an intense fruity aroma with essential clonal characters. The secret of this blend is AV2 bushes that are considered the best cultivars of Darjeeling black tea.