Royal Insignia

This elegant handcrafted wooden tea gift box includes some of the premium single estate organic Darjeeling tea that is adored by every tea connoisseur. The aesthetic finish of this tea gift box makes it an adorable gift for any occasion. 
₹ 3,500.00
₹ 3,500.00
₹ 3,500.00
Box Contains

Queens Favourite Muscatel - 75 gm / Net Weight Exclusive muscatel notes can be felt throughout the length of the cup adding to its sophisticated flavour profile. Okayti's muscatel teas are acclaimed globally and it has even been patronised by Queen Elizabeth herself.
1888 Emperor Green - 75 gm / Net Weight 1888 Emperor Green is minimally processed green tea packed with healthy elements. The choicest of leaves from the high elevation section of Okayti are carefully plucked and taken to the factory. Oxidation is arrested by steaming the leaves, it is then slightly rolled and dried. Since it is not oxidised, it is packed with natural elements such as polyphenols and antioxidants that help the body detoxify. It has a peculiar aftertaste of cut grass with overwhelming green flavours.
Wonder White Tea - 30 gm / Net Weight Wonder White is a minimally processed and hand-rolled tea made from the selected first leaf and a bud. The dry leaves are in a beautiful shade of green that emanates an intensely sweet aroma. However, the taste is soothingly mellow. Made only from the selected leaves and in small batches, this blend is the most exclusive of all white teas. It is a light and smooth blend, one can feel a mellow tinge of floral notes with a mild sweet aftertaste.
1888 Oolong Prestige - 60 gm / Net Weight 1888 Oolong prestige is a whole leaf tea made from premium leaves that is somewhat large, bold, and evenly curled. It is semi-oxidized and considered a tea in-between black and green tea. With sweet notes of raw honey intricately enlaced with musky texture, 1888 Grand Oolong is a tea for those who seek strength and vigour in their cup.
ACCESSORIES - Traditional Tea Strainer