Regalia Collection

Cozy room, warm lights, festive mood, and contemplative conversations with friends and families with abundant cups of refined teas, there might be no better way to spend this holiday season. Get our Regalia Collection, gift it to someone you care about, or treat your dear ones with the exquisite aroma...
₹ 2,700.00
₹ 2,700.00
₹ 2,700.00
Box Contains

Morning Glory - 100 Gm / Net Weight Morning Glory is prepared from the earliest pickings of spring from the highest elevation section of Okayti. It is a light and bright cup with essential mellow floral touch to it, a flavourful cup indeed to glorify your mornings.
Summer Solstice - 100 Gm / Net Weight Summer Solstice is a marvellous cup of premium second-flush Darjeeling tea.The meticulously rolled leaves emanate a strong pinewood aroma and on steeping makes a bright golden cup full of fruity and muscatel aroma. It is indeed a cup that animates the vivid summer of Darjeeling in every sip.
Imperial Blends - 100 Gm / Net Weight Imperial Blend is made from leaves harvested from HB section of Okayti where AV2 clone bushes are planted. AV2 clones are considered the most flavourful cultivars of Darjeeling tea that has a distinct sweetness that is often termed as 'clonal notes'.