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Unique teas for special moments - engage in never-ending conversations with endless cups of tantalizing teas. This holiday season, try our collection, thoughtfully put together for moments and memories. It can also make an impressive and thoughtful gift for the ones whom you care about. The assortment contains a few...
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Tresure Gold - 50 Gm / Net Weight This is a blend made mostly of small leaves with intact tips. The tips turn brown after oxidation and it adds a majestic golden hue to the cup. It is made from the choicest of second flush leaves and buds plucked from AV2 clone bushes planted in the high elevation section of Okayti, Darjeeling. This is a mouthful cup that is known for its strength and vigor intricately weaved with mild fruity sweetness and an immaculate aftertaste of raw honey.
1888 Silver Moon Tea - 50 Gm / Net Weight 1888 Silver Moon Tea is a minimally processed Darjeeling white tea prepared with precision and specific technique. It is a rare product of Okayti as only a few hundred silver tips can be harvested from a huge section of the plantation. Skilled workers navigate their way through the tea bushes picking fragile and succulent silver tips. The fresh tips are gently rolled and dried without oxidation making this cup immensely healthy with an ample amount of antioxidants and polyphenols. It steeps a pale liquor that is mellow floral on the nose with a slightly vegetal texture.
1888 Oolong Prestige - 75 Gm / Net Weight 1888 Oolong prestige is a whole leaf tea made from premium leaves that is somewhat large, bold, and evenly curled. It is semi-oxidized and considered a tea in-between black and green tea. With sweet notes of raw honey intricately enlaced with musky texture, 1888 Grand Oolong is a tea for those who seek strength and vigour in their cup.