Okayti Moonshine

Okayti Moonshine is the exclusive moonlight tea that is made from tea leaves plucked after midnight under a clear full moon night and processed before the break of dawn.It has a mild notes of carnations with a bright orange liquor with a mild floral touch.
₹ 1,299.00
₹ 1,299.00
₹ 1,299.00
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Tasting Notes
Long blackish green leaves with silver tips.
Sweet floral nose
A light and mellow cup with a floral aroma. The tea carries a mild and pleasant flavor that is soothing to the palate. The texture is refined and silky, contributing to a smooth and effortless drinking experience. The finish is characterized by a lingering floral aroma.
Steeping Notes
  • 150-180 ml

  • 1 tsp / 2.5 g

  • 95°C - 100°C

  • 4-5 mins

  • Low

  • 1

  • Hot


Muffin , short breads , carrot cakes , pastries , Biscuits , Baked Chicken and fish , chesse cakes

  • condiment

    You can Drink Plain

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    You can add Honey

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    You can add Sugar

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    You can add Lemon