Misty Mountain Medly

Brilliantly designed tea gift box foster amazing single-estate organic Darjeeling tea collections. It is a perfect tea gift box to surprise your loved ones or any tea connoisseurs around the world.
₹ 3,200.00
₹ 3,200.00
₹ 3,200.00
Box Contains

Chiyabari Splendor - 30 gm / Net Weight The first harvest of the season makes the most adored and mouthful cup that brims with mellow charismatic floral notes with a refreshingly sweet undertone. The dry leaves appear in a soothing greenish hue with an ample amount of beautifully rolled two leaves and a bud that takes the palate on a wonderful journey through fresh spring.
Queens Favourite Muscatel - 30 gm / Net Weight Exclusive muscatel notes can be felt throughout the length of the cup adding to its sophisticated flavour profile. Okayti's muscatel teas are acclaimed globally and it has even been patronised by Queen Elizabeth herself.
Autumn Charm - 30 gm / Net Weight Autumn Charm is made from the autumn flush produced by more than 100 years old chinary tea bushes. The cup greets with subtle notes of tropical fruits and mild sweetness of honey .
1888 Oolong Prestige - 30 gm / Net Weight 1888 Oolong prestige is a whole leaf tea made from premium leaves that is somewhat large, bold, and evenly curled. It is semi-oxidized and considered a tea in-between black and green tea. With sweet notes of raw honey intricately enlaced with musky texture, 1888 Grand Oolong is a tea for those who seek strength and vigour in their cup.
1888 Marvel Green - 30 gm / Net Weight Marvel Green is an exquisite Okayti's finest green tea packed with antioxidants. It is a minimally processed and exclusive green tea that is finely rolled and pan-roasted . It steeps a riveting lime green liquor with gentle vegetal and earthy tones.