English Breakfast

This tea is Very distinctive rich and strong perfect for morning wake-up drink.
₹ 220.00
₹ 220.00
₹ 220.00
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Tasting Notes
Evenly sorted, Blackish brown and well twisted leaf.
Coppery with toasty woodiness.
A robust cup with strong and bold flavors. The taste is rich and malty, with a distinct depth and complexity. It has a substantial and robust mouthfeel that fills the palate. The finish is characterized by its lingering malty flavor.
Steeping Notes
  • 150-180 ml

  • 1 Tea Bag

  • 95°C - 100°C

  • 4-5 mins

  • High

  • 2

  • Hot


Banana Cookies, cucumber sandwich, Digestive Biscuits

  • condiment

    You can Drink Plain

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Honey

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Sugar

  • or
  • condiment

    You can add Lemon