Darjeeling Three Seasons

Classic tea gift box meticulously handcrafted and brilliantly designed to make it a thoughtful gift for any occasion. This classic tea gift box consists of top-notch single-estate Darjeeling tea featuring an unparalleled tea experience. 
₹ 2,800.00
₹ 3,500.00
₹ 2,800.00
Box Contains

Chiyabari Splendor - 75 gm The first harvest of the season makes the most adored and mouthful cup that brims with mellow charismatic floral notes with a refreshingly sweet undertone. The dry leaves appear in a soothing greenish hue with an ample amount of beautifully rolled two leaves and a bud that takes the palate on a wonderful journey through fresh spring.
Clonal Wonder (Second Flush) - 75 gm It is a strong second flush clonal Darjeeling black tea harvested from the AV2 clone tea bushes that are known as the best Darjeeling tea cultivar. With the mild clonal sweetness, it holds a sophisticated flavor profile that never fails to fascinate tea connoisseurs globally.
Autumn Fortune - 75 gm Autumn Fortune is an extraordinary blend that offers a full-bodied experience. It is made from the autumn flush produced by more than 100 years old chinary tea bushes planted by the British. The fragile leaves are sufficiently oxidized and fired in order to get the fruity sweetness. The cup greets with subtle notes of tropical fruits and mild sweetness of honey enlaced with nutty flavours rendering a spectacular experience.
ACCESSORIES - Golden Tea Infuser