Darjeeling Autumn Tea

It is an eccentric blend and favourite of tea connoisseurs worldwide.It is mildly stronger than the other flushes yet with exciting notes of chrysanthemum and lilacs in harmony with woodsy base notes. Packed in an elegant book box, this blend from Okayti makes a gracious gift to your loved ones.
₹ 1,190.00
₹ 1,190.00
₹ 1,190.00
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Tasting Notes
Black and green leaves with nice fruity touch
Bright and fruity nose.
A medium-bodied cup that begins with fruity notes of raspberries and orange, adding a vibrant and refreshing touch to the cup. As you continue to sip, the tea unfolds with a delightful middle tone of peach sweetness, providing a luscious and enjoyable flavor. Towards the end, the palate is treated to the subtle sweetness of autumn flowers, evoking a sense of the season, complemented by hints of end-of-summer fruits.
Steeping Notes
  • 150-180 ml

  • 1 tsp / 2.5 g

  • 95°C - 100°C

  • 4-5 min

  • Medium

  • 1

  • Hot


Cupcake, butter toast, cookies, light pastries, smoked chicken, fruit cakes, dry fruits

  • condiment

    You can Drink Plain

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    You can add Honey

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    You can add Sugar

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    You can add Lemon