Camellia Treasures

A pandora box full of surprises, it contains carefully selected blends of premium Okayti teas accompanied by a quirky tea bottle with a fine mesh tea infuser. A surprising Christmas/New Year gift for your dear ones who love tea. These blends come straight from the Himalayan milieu of unending greenish-blue...
₹ 4,100.00
₹ 4,100.00
₹ 4,100.00
Box Contains

White Monk Tea - 50 Gm / Net Weight The tender silver tips are diligently picked early morning and are very minimally processed. Oxidation is arrested so as to retain the natural antioxidants of the tips. White Monk Tea is indeed the classic silver needle white tea, a must-try blend to appreciate the subtleties.
Oolong Glamour - 50 Gm / Net Weight Oolong Glamour is a whole leaf tea that is excellently aged and blended to perfection. . Often considered an in-between tea, it harbours flavours of both green and black tea. This blend has a complex flavour profile with sweet notes of summer fruits immaculately enlaced with mild undertones of honey.
Golden Armour - 50 Gm / Net Weight Golden Armour is a masterfully created blend with the freshest leaves and an ample amount of golden tips. Adequately oxidized golden tips give this cup its impressive bright amber hue. This is a medium-bodied cup with mellow sweet notes enveloped in the marvellous texture of roasted nuts.
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