3 In 1 Darjeeling Seasonal Delicacy

Set of the world’s most renowned teas consists of prized seasonal flushes of Okayti, Darjeeling that are made with the freshest high grown leaves. The spring, summer and autumn flushes of Darjeeling are adored by tea enthusiasts globally for their distinct and delicate attributes.
₹ 900.00
₹ 900.00
₹ 900.00
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Tasting Notes
Dark olive green leave with light green flakes. Dark black leaves wth touch of silver tips and coppery flakes
Raw vegetal noted with sweet floral touch Fruity tone with undernotes of honey and cranberry. Floral tone with touch of topical ripe fruits
Floral nose with the sweetness of wild berries and note of honeydew. Very sweet clonal taste comes in with fruitiness and ripe berries Sweet floral with a touch of tropical fruit and at the end honey subtle comes in
Steeping Notes
  • 150-180 ml

  • 1 tsp / 2.5 g

  • 95°C - 100°C

  • 4-5 min

  • Medium

  • 1

  • Hot


Carrot cakes, macaroons, delicate pastries, lemon shortbread, smoked salmon, light creamy cheese

  • condiment

    You can Drink Plain

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  • condiment

    You can add Honey

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  • condiment

    You can add Sugar

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  • condiment

    You can add Lemon