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  • Country of origin: India
  • Expiry Date: May - 2024
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Loose Tea
Loose Tea
M.R.P.: ₹ 550 (₹ 55.00 /gm)
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Directly from the tea garden to your cup
  • WONDER WHITE Experience
  • Wonder White is a traditional Bai-Mudan white tea made exclusively from the youngest first leaf and the tender bud. It is the purest of all green teas without any usage of machinery in its production. Oxidation is arrested by steaming the leaves before drying, rendering this tea in a marvellous hue of green with visible silver tips. This hand-rolled blend is intensely sweet in the nose while being soothingly mellow and nuanced on the palate. Made from the first invoice of spring and minimally processed, it is packed with natural antioxidants. Wonder White is made in small batches making it a rare and exclusivity to treat ourselves with.


  • WONDER WHITE Compliments
  • Chicken sandwich smoked salmon and avocado, tea cakes, english madeleines, lemon bar
  • WONDER WHITE Condiments
  • Without milk and sugar, if desired honey can be added.

Steeping Notes

Recommended no. of steeps: 1

Okayti Tea
Dry Leaf
  • Appearance
  • Bright green with touch of silver tips

  • Aroma
  • Raw grassy with under tone of seasonal flowers

Darjeeling Tea

150 ml

Darjeeling Tea

1 tsp / 2 g

Darjeeling Tea


Darjeeling Tea

Brew for 2- 3 min

  • Appearance
  • Pale green

  • Aroma
  • Sweet vegetal


Darjeeling Tea
Darjeeling Tea
  • Appearance
  • Pale greenish with creamish touch

  • Aroma
  • Sweet floral with touch of raw herbs

  • Taste
  • Sweet floral with undertone hint of herbs and mild notes of honey

How To Brew Your
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