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  • CHOCOMINT  GREEN Experience
  • Green teas are the least processed tea with flavours that can best be described as vegetal with a tinge of astringency. This inherent flavour of green tea is beautifully complemented by the sweetness of chocolate and the cooling effect of mint. It is a smooth and refreshing cup full of enticing flavour and aroma. A treat for the palate, this cup enthrals the tastebuds and immensely benefits the body.


  • CHOCOMINT  GREEN Compliments
  • Fruit and vegetable salads with light snacks, less sweet biscuits, dark chocolate cakes
  • CHOCOMINT  GREEN Condiments
  • Without milk and sugar as the tea it self have sweet flowral notes

Directly from the tea garden to your cup

Steeping Notes

Recommended no. of steeps: 1

Okayti Tea
Dry Leaf
  • Appearance
  • Bright olive green with pale green mint leaves

  • Aroma
  • Sweeter note of dark chocolate with under tone of dry grassy

Darjeeling Tea

150 ml

Darjeeling Tea

1 tsp / 2. g

Darjeeling Tea


Darjeeling Tea

Brew for 2- 3 min

  • Appearance
  • Dark olive green with pale green mint leaves

  • Aroma
  • A nose of fresh mint with boiled vegetals


Darjeeling Tea
Darjeeling Tea
  • Appearance
  • Bright greenish with yellow tone

  • Aroma
  • A notes of dark chocolate comes in with strong presence of mint flows down

  • Taste
  • The chocolate note comes in the palatte with a strong note of fresh mint which give refreshment to the palatte

How To Brew Your
Favourite Tea


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