Message from CEO/Founder

From the beginning, I had a romantic affair with tea. Wherever one is born in India, one will most likely get introduced to this magical drink at an early age. A beverage that kick starts the day and most likely also catalyses a comforting space and time in the evening, where people share stories, troubles and happiness over a cup. From an early age, I was fascinated by how people’s lives revolved around this magical beverage called tea.

No wonder,
I fell in love with tea.

I eagerly waited for the time when tea was served at our home. Usually, it was morning and evening but one could demand a cup of tea every now and then. Tea time was always soothing, comforting and free of worries. Tea was one of the invisible threads that tethered my family together. No matter the usual quarrels, we always sat together for tea and it perhaps helped us resolve our differences.

Darjeeling Teas
CEO of Okayti Tea Rajeev Baid

“For the love of tea and the history it entails, we curate and offer the most exclusive teas that embody the energy and mood of Indian Tea Drinkers.”

Okayti tea estates proprietor

It has been a wonderful journey throughout and I am extremely gratified to take Okayti Tea Estate, the most prized tea estate of Darjeeling in my fold. Okayti is a legacy brand in the tea industry producing the finest quality of tea. With a glorious history of being served at Buckingham Palace, it still produces the finest Darjeeling teas which are special attractions in the most luxurious and top-notch tea boutiques of Europe.

Tea plays a significant role in millions of households, it mends bonds and heal souls. It is bewitching to see how a cup of tea lifts people’s spirit and mood, and how it gives them courage and hope to endure another day.

I was determined that tea was my life’s calling. I mustered up the energy to get focused on the journey which started as a tea vendor in Kishanganj railway stations and bus stops.

I learnt a lot in the process
and the more I learnt the more this realization
became evident that I didn’t want
to settle for anything lesser.

Evergreen is the living embodiment of my dreams of offering fresh and brisk teas to all tea lovers. As a vendor, I learnt the journey that tea makes in a country as vast as India. It was ostensible that tea lost its vigour in the travel and being surrounded by fine tea growing region I made up my mind to make and deliver the freshest of tea to the numerous tea lovers of India. I was adamant to expose the nation to the cultural heritage that tea entails by making the finest and freshest of teas accessible to all. It was important for me to make people understand and appreciate tea.

OKAYTI – the golden chapter of my endeavours

Okayti tea garden

Sprawled in the undulating hills of astonishingly scenic Mirik valley, Okayti Tea Estate had a magical imprint in me when I first glanced upon it. I envisage opening up the estate for tea lovers who would love to know their tea more intimately, to let the world experience the magic that I did.

The fascinating historical legacy of the estate is certainly going to astound the visitors. The opulent cottage style resorts will let the visitors relive the past and understand the history, culture and science behind tea. I also envision one of a kind Tea Academy, to foster scientific research of tea and also to preserve its cultural legacy.

 tea Factory owner


My team aims to deliver dosages of happiness through the finest of teas. It gives us great pleasure to know that customers are finding their perfect cup of tea with us. And with Okayti in our fold, I also want the tea lovers of our nation to take the sip of luxurious tea and understand its value. With the simple and clear intent of making people happy I started the journey and I believe we are still traveling on the path to brave greater heights.

Rajeev Baid

The journey of turning a passionate dream into a breathable reality encompasses the romance of a slow steeping perfect cup of first flush tea at its origin. It takes time to identify the perfect crop, best soil and the precise time to harvest. The journey from the prosperous estate to the cup in your daily routine entails several steps and magnanimous attention to detail. Eventually, the cup elevates your mood and also of the company you have it with. This romance and long-lasting passionate affinity with tea have been my backbone.

We take pride in being an Indian brand to complement and celebrate tea-drinking culture worldwide.